At Stir, we believe that through enquiry we learn and by learning, we enrich the quality of our work. Our enquiry-driven approach to Public Relations lays the foundation for imaginative creative ideation and memorable execution. We engage and influence our clients’ target audiences through the power of advocacy, to enact long term perception change and drive genuine value.

Believe it,
to live it.


Our enquiry-driven approach to Public Relations manifests itself in both the functional and cultural. We think you have to believe it, to live it. From the carefully considered skill set of the team, to the establishing of truly collaborative partnerships with our clients, Enquire to Enrich runs through every action taken and decision made within our agency.

We do this through…

  • Interrogating

  • Defining & understanding

  • Challenging

  • Clarifying

  • Validating

  • Learning

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October, 2017