THE FRIDAY FEELS – November ’22


On the last Friday of every month, we’re sharing with you our favourite 3 campaigns from the month that stirred emotion and made us feel something, whilst showcasing a clear, unquestionable, brand message that will drive people to action. But… ITS CHRISTMAS! The ads are out and it’s time to get festive, so instead of our usual round-up, we’re treating you to a Christmas special and taking a look at this year’s iconic ads.

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Shelter – Brave Face

Thousands of families will spend Christmas in less than cosy living situations this year, with kids all over the country putting on a ‘brave face’ to others. At Stir we are all about evoking emotion, so it’s no surprise that this ad is a real winner for us. With its beautiful production, powerful insight and hard-hitting message, Shelter really do get to the core of what a good Christmas advert should entail and what we should be focussed on this festive period. We wish this received the same levels of conversation some of the other ads have received.

Shelter – Brave Face. Image via It’s Nice That.



JD Sports – King of the Game

We all can remember being dragged round the shops by your parents around Christmas time, it was just busy and boring. But plenty of team Stir feel like JD is one of the few shops worth browsing on the high street. Playing on this well and featuring a star-studded cast of current talent and the legend that is Kano who also provides the soundtrack, JD have produced a pretty good ad, nailing their target audience’s wants and needs. Lovely stuff.

JD Sports – King of the Game. Image via LBB Online.



Aldi – Feast of Football / Kevin the Carrot

What do Aldi do best? Copycat products. How do they make a great Christmas ad? Copy Nike’s iconic World Cup airport ad with football and fresh good puns and weave it into a bigger parody of Home Alone. With an iconic global event happening during the run-up to Christmas, it really just makes sense to maximise your ads to reference both and Aldi have done this effortlessly. They know their brand like the back of their hand and have definitely played into that. Not bad at all…

Aldi – Feast of Football. Image via The Manc.


Tesco – The Christmas Party

The ad starts with a simple lack of joy insight but ends it with not knowing when bin day is, genius. Whilst it’s simple, it’s something that everyone can relate to (who can keep up with the changing bin day schedule over Christmas anyway?!) and it definitely gives you that festive feeling. Product is featured throughout, the rest of it is your usual stuff but that isn’t a bad thing.

Tesco – The Christmas Party. Image via Creative Review.


ASDA – Have your Elf a Merry Christmas

Asda’s Christmas ad is ticking all the boxes for us; showcases store, staff and products ✅ Uses tech in a way not often seen in advertising ✅ Repurposes iconic clips from one of the best loved Christmas films without getting Will back into tights ✅ CTA for consumers to get hold of the Elf merch available in store ✅. In our opinion, they nailed it.

Asda – Have your Elf a Merry Christmas. Image via Grocery Gazette.