Yes Stir Cannes.

29th September 2017

Last weekend, the team at Stir set off on our much-anticipated company holiday; this year to Cannes! Armed with a large supply of caffeine, we set off from London at an eye watering 3am. So, on landing in Nice, it’s certainly fair to say that we felt poles apart from the movie stars who so often grace the famous pavements of Cannes.

However, arriving at the sizeable, Grand Hotel, we quickly got into the swing of things with sandals and large sunglasses quickly donned. Having headed straight to the centre of town, we were quick to fully immerse ourselves in La Belle France, with glasses of crisp rosé soon in hand and traditional French fare of moules, frites on the way.

After a spot of celeb hunting, and a much-needed siesta, we headed to the incredibly chic Le Baoli, where we were treated to a sushi and seafood feast before hitting the adjoining club. One too many espresso martinis drunk, much dancing done, and for some, a late-night dip, we returned to our hotel, well and truly proving the motto #YesStirCannes.

Despite some sore heads in the morning, we sipped orange juice by the sea before heading to Cannes’ famous food market to see a pretty impressive array of fruit and veg. Some also adventured to the old town and hiked up to the fort to see Cannes from on-high. Dinner that evening was spent in traditional French fashion at a small restaurant, famous for pastis, as well as its delicious selection of traditional French cuisine.

The last day afforded us just enough time to soak up some rays on the beach, as well as catching a glimpse of the beautifully sleek Dragons that were preparing to race in the Cannes regatta the following week. Full of French food and wine, we headed back to drizzly London. The company holiday is a great opportunity to come together and celebrate the success of the previous year. After a jam-packed summer, it was great to spend time with the team and gear up for our next big projects!