ARt by Rémy Martin.

Re-discovering the world through AR

Objective: Amplify a global talent association and capture a younger demographic’s imagination.

Rémy Martin had engaged US-based digital artist Matt W. Moore to create limited edition packaging with the desire to shake off its dated image and connect to a more youthful crowd.


Despite heavy reliance on technology, millennials are moving away from purely digital experiences and crave activities that are, in part at least, based IRL.

Stirring emotion:

Conjure an audaciously creative and expressive output.


Worked with the artist who created an AR app which invited people to re-discover the world around them through application of abstract graphics.

Engaged targeted influencers, inviting them on a bespoke tour of London, allowing them to use the app in landmark locations and capture engaging, impactful content.



Combined reach of the influencers engaged with the campaign who delivered 40 pieces of .


Pieces of social coverage garnered from influencer talent.


Total editorial reach