Miele Laundry.

Stirring passion in a low-emotion sector

Objective: Turn a distress purchase into a highly coveted essential.

The new Miele W1 is a washing machine like no other, but in world of almost endless new product launches, how do you get time-poor, ABC1 women to take notice of a new washing machine and convert purchases?

Insight:Our target audience displayed a contrary purchase behaviour pattern, investing a lot in clothes yet not on their care.

Stirring emotion:

Leverage the guilt and shame of this nonsensical behaviour.

Solution:Would you put your Celine in your machine?

Challenged a community of top fashion influencers, tasking them to create relatable content of them washing expensive/beloved items, notoriously difficult to wash in a W1, and in turn created a tribe of unofficial yet highly influential brand ambassadors.



Long form features, curated by 10 top digital fashion influencers.



Relevant followers of fashion engaged via 107 social media mentions.



Several direct sales of the W1 washing machine, alongside a general uplift in sales of Miele laundry products.