Frugalpac Coffee Cups.

Effecting positive change

Objective: Hijack the national media agenda to drive sales.

Frugalpac coffee cups represented the ONLY recyclable coffee cup solution, but while coffee cups were well documented as the enemy, awareness and sales of the alternative solution were low.

Insight:Without a legitimate solution, the environmental impact of coffee cups conversation was drying up.

Stirring emotion:

Trade on the consumer guilt, alongside a meaningful  alternative.


Ahead of the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) inquiry and panel debate, we furnished national news and broadcast with shocking data and substantiated stats that presented the recycling problem at large.

Framing Frugalpac as the solution, we built a pop-up ‘Frugal Café’ in Westminster for consumers and media to visit after the inquiry – hosting a live interview with Sky News from the café.



Reach of print and online coverage ( 25+ pieces) and 4.6M reach of broadcast coverage (20 pieces).



Sales enquiries from big players including Café Nero, Nestlé, Costa Coffee, Morrisons and Starbucks.



Investment from Rabobank International, with order of 1BN cups put in for 2018.