The Bear Necessities.

Bringing education into cooking

Objective: Deliver meaningful brand education to an influential crowd.

Bear Nibbles represents a legitimately healthy and natural snack for kids, but given parents are bombarded with conflicting advice on what to and what not to feed their children, the audience has become sceptical and needs further convincing.


When it comes to children’s snacks, it can feel like a minefield for parents who don’t want to fall into the ‘bad parent’ category and give their kids foods containing unnecessary nasties.

Stirring emotion:

Inform, reassure and educate in a reassuring yet playful environment.


Created the Bear Kitchen, an educational workshop, where we stripped the products back to basics and gave influencers and their children the opportunity to make them from scratch. The guided and fun tutorial was intimate and interactive, enabling parents to also learn about the product benefits from a third party credible expert and nutritionist.



Pieces of coverage secured across the blogs and social feeds of 8 targeted influencers.


Total reach.



Per cent of social posts that included branded imagery.