We launch Old Forester bourbon to the UK.

17th December 2015

Old Forester is an admired Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky produced by our close friends, Brown Forman. It is officially the longest running bourbon on the market, being first distilled in 1870 by the original family member, George Garvin Brown. It is also the only bourbon to be distilled before, during and post the prohibition. Yes, what a fantastic story it has! Today, Old Forester is still run by the Brown Forman family, with great great grandson and President, Campbell Brown in charge. The exciting news for us is that Old Forester was only first launched outside the U.S. just over a year ago; into the UK.


Last week, we hosted the first UK media tasting at the famous speakeasy, Milk & Honey, found just off Oxford Street. This hidden gem is naked to the eye from the pavement. The door buzzer on the plain black door allows entry into a magnificent four storey bar, with a number of drinking rooms and hidden bars found inside. It feels like you’ve entered the comfiest home ever and was the perfect location for our tasting.

Our guest speaker, Campbell Brown, entertained our twenty journalists, from the likes of Time Out and Vanity Fair, with his knowledge of Old Forester second to none. The audience were engaged throughout, quizzing him on just about everything bourbon related. We learnt how to properly taste bourbon by Master Bourbon Specialist, Jackie Zykan and we were served an awesome bourbon punch (First-Past-The-Post-Punch) which was accompanied by tasty miniature burgers throughout the evening.

Old Forester Whiskey Smash 3

The reception received from the media for Old Forester was hugely positive. We’re looking forward to further working with the Old Forester brand – with its taste as rich as its honest heritage and the UK’s growing taste for American whiskeys, it’s a pleasure to PR.