Visiting Pays d’Oc Wines in the South of France.

7th July 2015

Last week we visited our newest client, Pays d’Oc IGP wines in southern France. It was a flying visiting with us arriving in Montpellier on Wednesday afternoon and leaving for London again on Thursday lunchtime but we packed in a lot and really managed to get a feel for the area. Short but sweet and filled with delicious wines!

Post our meetings on Wednesday, we headed to the beach, Plage du Grand Travers, near Montpellier, for a delicious dinner with gorgeous views of the sea. We felt very relaxed sipping on a bottle of Pays d’Oc rosé while tucking into some fresh seafood.


On Thursday morning we headed to meet some of the wine makers in the surrounding area, journeying first to a co-operative who supported several different wine makers with the buying and selling of their products. After tasting some of their wines and meeting the team, we headed on to Domaine du Grand Chemin in the Gard region.

Domaine du Grand Chemin (www.domainedugrandchemin) is a family owned and run vineyard, located in the village of Savignargues. The vineyard has been tended to by the same family for over 300 years, handed down from father to son. We were given a personal tour around the vineyard by the family, and shown the barrels dating back to the 1st World War. The visit was topped off with some delicious wine, before we dashed back to the airport for our return flight.

Next time, we’ll be sure to bring an empty bag so we can take home a couple of bottles!

 Look out for more information on Pays d’Oc IGP coming your way shortly, our campaign for this year is shaping up to be an exciting one and we’ll be working with some great names!