Botanist gin bar comp.

January 28th 2017

On Monday 14th December, The Botanist Gin held a cocktail competition for bartenders to underpin the brand’s new trade incentive.

Having gifted five bartenders in London with a state-of-the-art ‘The Botanist Infuser’ and taken each team out foraging in their local areas, Alix Nardella (Sager & Wilde), Nikolett Macza (Nightjar), Steve Georgiou (Mr Fogg’s Tavern), Josh Linfitt (Worship St. Whistling Shop) and Alessandra Tasca (The Manor) came together to present their creations to the judging panel – Abigail Clephane (The Botanist & Bruichladdich Brand Ambassador), Greg Almeida (Pollen Street Social) and Scott Paterson (Mac & Wild).

Nikolett Macza of Nightjar impressed the judges with her cocktail: ‘Druid’s Botanist Cup’. Made using The Botanist Gin infused with mahonia flowers and rowan berries, Caol Islay whisky, Unicum Plum liqueur, damson jam, conifer bitters, bee pollen and lemon, Nikolett presented her cocktail in a pine cup and garnished it with frankincense ‘holy smoke’.