The Dawn of the Digital Influencer.

23rd March 2017
Dawn of the Digital Influencer Panel Debate

The PR industry is constantly evolving. Not only because of the diverse and ever-changing media landscape, but because consumers are becoming increasingly aware and turned off by direct brand messages.  But at its heart, PR is centered on peer to peer recommendation and third party endorsement; two concepts which are universally powerful and timeless. The changing external landscape means we just need to readjust the dial a little to maintain impact for our clients.

In the digital age, and as consumers look to their phones for their own personal edit of information, peer to peer recommendation is more important than ever, and the front-line power players of this movement is the digital influencer.

Digital influencers hold the trust of their audience, create beautiful content and can have a direct impact when recommending products and brands. It’s no wonder that micro-influencers have been tipped to be one of the biggest marketing trends of 2017. But here at Stir, we are a curious bunch and wonder what this means for traditional advertising and ATL communication.

So to help us find the answer, we are hosting a panel discussion on 11th April at The Hoxton in Old Street to discuss just that. Alicia Mellish, Stir’s MD, will be holding a debate on the following motion:

How great a challenge to traditional brand advertising does the power of peer-to-peer recommendation pose?

With a panel of digital influencers including Mother Pukka, Katherine Ormerod and Food Feels, we explore what peer to peer recommendation means for traditional brand advertising and how this affects brands and digital influencers alike.