A taste of Cognac at Bibendum.

14th November 2017

Stir kicked off the start of the winter festivities in style last week with the most recent Rémy Martin Petite Maison event, held at Bibendum. The much sought – after events, which unite cognac lovers and learners alike are part of the La Maison Rémy Martin members club. This one, held in the bastion of British gastronomy that is Bibendum, set expectations high for wold-renowned chef Claude Bosi, and his partner for the night, Liberty London Girl. With a wealth of passions between them, they perfectly encapsulate the brand’s ‘one life, live them’ ethos which encourages Rémy fans to explore new passions and pastimes. The fascinating foray into their careers and hobbies was accompanied by a selection of canapés, created by Claude to complement the aromas of the 1738 expression.

The evening kicked off with a refreshing Rémy Grand Tonic, which made with Rémy Martin VSOP, Fever Tree tonic water and a wedge of lemon is a French twist on a G &T, and is fast becoming this season’s must-try cocktail. Milling around in Bibendum’s oyster bar, guests sampled Rémy’s latest venture into the world of technology with the Hololens table, which allows guests to enter the Rémy Martin cellars through an augmented reality headset. Accompanied by a glass of XO, guests were transported straight to the cellars, learning about the production of cognac straight from the cellar master himself.

Having taken their seats, guests were treated to an informal interview between Claude and Liberty London Girl who discussed their mutual passion – cooking, as well as more far-reaching discussions including Claude’s taste for deep fried veal brains and the early days of Sacha’s blog. This led seamlessly into Claude’s demonstration of his second canapé – chicken liver parfait which was shaped into a perfect olive, closely followed by the ingenious creation of a chouquette with white bean jam which, combining sweet and savoury flavours, paired perfectly with the aromas of the 1738.

With an inquisitive audience united over their long standing, or in some cases new found love of cognac, the room opened up to lively questions. Armed with cheese toasties and gourmet fish and chips to brave the winter chill, the evening came to a close with guests having discovered the perfect new addition to their drinks tray, just in time for Christmas.