Stir champions measurement.

11th July 2017

We’re excited to announce that Stir is now an official PRCA Measurement Champion. The PRCA accreditation is a kite mark indicating excellence in PR evaluation methods.

Less than 15 UK PR agencies have been granted this status to date, but due to Stir’s progressive approach to campaign measurement, our ongoing support of AMEC (International Association for Measurement & Evaluation) and relentless re-education around the use of AVEs, Stir has officially made the grade!

A great example of how we measure can be seen in a recent digital influencer campaign for Miele, which tangibly drove direct sales of its most prized washing machine (click here to read more).

Just as PR measurement techniques adapt to reflect our ever-evolving industry, we will continue to challenge and improve all aspects of the way we measure campaigns. Watch this space!