Snack for Good.

A Future Trend Report

When it comes to today’s time-poor, on-the-go consumers, snacking is a big business. Nielsen research for 2018 put a £18+ billion value on the category.

But fast-changing lifestyles, greater spending demands and evolving views on the world make it tougher to know what this fickle bunch wants to munch.

From traditional crips and nuts, energy bars or balls, to popcorn and skinny treats, the market is wide and varied.

Snacking has become far more than the food or drink product itself. The industry is increasingly prone to external factors, such as sustainability, sourcing and packaging.

It’s a fast-moving market with high expectations and paradoxical demands, so keeping up-to-date with the latest consumer trends, opinions and beliefs has never been more important.

We’ve pulled together some of the best ways to understand what today’s consumers want when it comes to the snacks they like to pack in their pockets and bags.

Download our full trend report below for insights into the snacking sector.