The Review: Sambal Shiok.

31st July 2018

Written by Sarah Tadier, Senior Associate Director.

It’s amazing what a rave review can do. Just 24 hours after Grace Dent called Sambal Shiok ‘pure joy’, the 40 cover restaurant served 170 salivating customers in under 4.5 hours. Not bad for a relatively unknown Laksa Bar on Holloway Road.

Now although we didn’t try our luck that night, we did venture down a few days later, managing to secure a seat at London’s hottest (spiciest) restaurants after a mere one hour wait (just enough time to enjoy a pint of refreshment at a local pub).

From the first bite of our Fenugreek Crackers (an Indian fried ‘snack’), we knew Grace was onto something… And as soon as the Malaysian Fried Chicken landed on the table, we were sold. Fried chicken dipped in a peanut satay sauce will eternally be my desert island dish. Just genius.

Then came the Laksa – prawn for me, The Standard for him. In hindsight, we probably over doused our bowls with extras of boiled eggs, tofu ‘puffs’ and charred aubergine, but despite our sweaty brows, we were blissfully happy and setting ourselves up for what was sure to be an excellent night sleep.

So once again, Grace was bang on the money. Sambal Shiok really is ‘pure joy’ from start to finish – smiley staff, delicious food that makes you go ‘oooh’ and an excellent wine selection to top it off. Now let’s see if this review is enough to turn 170 covers into 200… all praise Sambal Shiok.