The Review: ROVI.

3rd October 2018

Written by Charlie Gipson, Senior Account Director


A welcome addition to London’s food scene is Ottolenghi’s ROVI, tucked neatly away in Fitzrovia which has needed some fresh foodie offerings for some time and this latest venture from one of the biggest names on London’s food scene doesn’t disappoint.

The restaurant itself is beautiful and with atmospheric lighting it’s perfect for a first date or simply as weekend treat with friends. I visited on a Saturday and while the restaurant was full, it didn’t feel cramped or too busy. Perfect for catching up with my best mate.

Famous for making all manner of vegetables mouth-wateringly delicious, Ottolenghi’s menu at ROVI includes a feast for veggies and meat-eaters alike but like his other restaurants, the vegetable dishes really are the stars of the show, bursting with flavour, and for me, a self-confessed carnivore – they’re the absolute winners.

A surprising favourite for me was the Corn Ribs, sliced lengthways into quarters and served with an apricot sauce, the flavours came alive when dipped in the accompanying chipotle salt. I simply can’t put into words how good these were and was left deflated when the plate was empty. I could have happily munched away on another two or three servings! Another worthy contender was the Hasselback Beetroot. Now I’m by no means a beetroot fan, in fact I tend to avoid it, but perfectly paired with an exquisite lime cream which subdued the natural earthy flavours of the beetroot and the lively herb salsa offered a fantastic culinary experience. It’s safe to say that I’m now a beetroot convert.

In total we ordered three vegetable plates along with some skewered squid and onglet on skewers. The meat and squid were a little disappointing but only because they were overshadowed by some truly terrific veg dishes. The cocktails, however, didn’t disappoint and my personal recommendation should you find yourself in ROVI is to try the ‘Five A Day’ – a rum based cocktail paired with cucumber which was intriguing and not at all what I thought it would taste like. A pleasant surprise I revisited throughout the meal. For Ottolenghi fans and those who just love good tasty food ROVI is a must.