Rémy Martin XO Revealed.

14th September 2017

On Tuesday, Stir hosted a multi-sensory and interactive gourmet tasting experience for top tier media, entitled Rémy Martin XO Revealed. Focused around the incredible Rémy Martin XO Fine Champagne Cognac, the evening sought to bring to life the complex aromas and flavours of the XO through food and cognac pairing and mixed reality.

To start, guests were welcomed by a Rémy Martin Grand Tonic – a French twist on the classic British G&T, made with Rémy Martin VSOP, Fever-Tree tonic water and a slice of lemon. The Rémy Martin Brand Ambassador, Jack Charlton, then led an intimate tasting experience, supported by an impressive, opulent table filled with an abundance of ingredients, such as Parmesan, fresh figs, ginger, chocolate and saffron, which were used to highlight the exquisite and sophisticated flavours of the XO.

Following this, guests had the chance to trial a unique ‘HoloLens’ mixed reality experience to bring the roots of Rémy Martin to life. The interactive and educational offering was centred around a bespoke three-dimensional wooden table, on which the Cognac Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne vineyards were holographically displayed, combining the thrill of virtual reality with the power to engage and personalise surroundings.

The following night, Rémy Martin invited its members to enjoy the same experience via three sessions. Smooth, full-bodied and long-lasting, Rémy Martin XO can be appreciated neat, on ice, or in a classic cocktail. Why not deepen your appreciation of Rémy Martin cognac and enjoy an outstanding sensory experience?