Purina Beyond: Superfood Dog Food.

13th April 2016

Purina has launched a new premium dry dog food range – Beyond – made from selected natural ingredients and now on the shelves of all major supermarkets and pet stores. Available in two sub-ranges: Superfood Blend and Simply 9, each flavour provides simplicity and transparency, meeting the growing demand for super-premium and natural dry dog food.

Beyond launch 1

Within these foods you won’t find any added wheat, preservatives, flavourings or artificial colorants. Sounds pretty good, right? What you will find is quality chicken, lamb, salmon and recognisable ingredients, such as sweet potato. Sounds even better! As our general consumer market moves into a more health conscious diet, with sugar taxes being introduced and the World Health Organisation making a huge emphasis on cutting out unnecessary sugars, it was only time before these trends were passed onto on our furry loved ones.

Beyond launch 6

Last week, we organised the internal Purina Beyond launch at the Nestlé head office – to formally introduce the brand to employees. With the help of our in-house stylist, we created a mock farmers market stall, to represent some of the natural ingredients found in Beyond. With staff at Nestlé allowed to bring their dogs to work, we had the opportunity to test out the new food on them. It went down a treat!  We’d definitely recommend treating your dog to the best and trying the new Beyond – let us know your thoughts!