Pop-up retail revolution.

17th November 2016

An insight into the world of pop-up retail, as told by our sister agency, Missouri Creative – leading Brand Design agency for retail brands.

The pop-up revolution was ignited by the collision of three things: our love for shopping, a wealth of local creativity and cheap short term leases due to the downturn on our high streets.

We saw a plethora of start-up ventures – poor in funds but rich in imagination -bringing their offers to the public, fuelled by gut instinct and raw passion.

Soon, the big brands jumped on the bandwagon, creating a new channel to reach shoppers, while for many on-line retailers, it has become ‘must do’ to demonstrate brand personality in a more visceral way.

Pop-ups are here to stay because by nature they are a perfect platform to start something from scratch, try something new or reframe your product offer while creating a more intimate conversation with shoppers. Like a kind of retail speed dating, where if your offer is not right you will soon know about it – and quick.

However from the original punk-like DIY mentality (and long may it live) there are some rules that have surfaced. Whether it’s a new or established brand, the savvy shopper quickly reframes their expectations and demands.

Top 5 must do’s ……

1. Be unique, innovative and unpredictable, all served up with as much passion as you have

2. Here today, gone tomorrow: Create a sense of urgency to trigger FOMO (fear of missing out)

3. People want stories: Provide social currency that shoppers can share with their friends and broadcast online

4. Fish where the fish are: Pop-up where your audience hangs out

5. A peak behind the curtain: A sneak preview behind the scenes or perhaps a glimpse of what’s to come , all leading to a deeper level of experience that can only be had here and now