Polo reveals 1/3 of Brits don’t brush their teeth at festivals….Eeek!.

June 30th 2017

Just in time for festival season, Polo have released a fun (and shocking!) survey conducted by YouGov, revealing that of the two thousand participants asked, over a third neglect their dental hygiene completely – forgetting the importance of brushing their teeth during a five-day festival.

The survey also showed that bad breath was more of a put off at a festival than any other factor – with over a third saying that it is worse than being badly dressed, having B.O or having bad chat and with over 80% of British singletons refusing to dance with someone again if they had bad breath. But what’s more – it seems relying on friends to point out the issue is not the answer, with statistics from across the country showing that over a third of consumers would not tell even their best friend that they have bad breath!

But fear not, for POLO® Sugar Free has a way to help, with their brand NEW sugar free range of POLO® pots – a great way to help solve bad breath and prevent against dental erosion when you can’t brush your teeth twice a day (which POLO® strongly recommends).

The pots can be purchased nation wide for £1.49.