The Perfect way to end The Perfection Series with Miele.

8th June 2017

Skye Gyngell and Marianne Lumb helped The Perfection Series come to a close on Friday as both chefs collaborated to create a final one-of-a-kind menu for Miele.

Much like the previous Passion and Precision events, the Perfection menu was inspired by the Miele steam oven. The variety and complexity of the dishes truly showcased the Miele steam oven and diners were treated to the story behind each dish by the chefs themselves.

Across two sittings, Miele invited guests to enjoy the five course Perfection menu in the grand Portico Rooms at Somerset House. Enjoying the picturesque setting, lunch time guests consisted of developers, architects and designers who were either new to the Miele brand or loyal admirers of the appliances. The entire table cleared their plates after each dish and to everyone’s dismay, there were very limited soufflé’s for seconds.

Later that day, the team prepared for dinner and invited selected members of the Miele Connoisseur club to delight in the Perfection menu. Once again, guests were able to meet Skye and Marianne in between courses and as they sipped the final coffee serving of the evening, the table collectively asked to compliment the chef. Welcomed by a round of applause, Marianne Lumb sat and spoke to guests answering questions on the Miele steam oven, her experience working with Skye and her Notting Hill restaurant Marianne.

As the sun set on Somerset House (and The Perfection Series), guests left with all the recipes that Skye and Marianne have curated over the course of each event. These recipes can also be found on the Der Kern website so you can try and recreate the incredible dishes inspired by the Miele Steam Oven.