Mockvertising & the importance of being earnest.

Written by Jo Vyvyan-Robinson.

Have you seen the recent Oasis ad?

It’s the latest in a series of executions by the brand that mock advertising in a bid to engage a younger Gen Z audience. I’m no Gen Z, but I admit I found it quite funny. But once the ad finished, I felt there were lessons brands could learn to ensure they are not mocked for trying to stand for something…

Too often we see inauthentic socially moral, and at times poorly judged messages (PepsiMastercard), but savvy consumers see straight through these lazy attempts at a point of view or purpose. While speaking up about divisive issues can be risky, it can be hugely rewarding if done right, with depth of purpose felt across the whole business. Purpose must come from within, linked to commercial targets and driven by CEO down and shop-floor up. They can’t just be campaigns led by marketing – for brands to truly stand for something it needs to be felt beyond the 60 second ad.

But hats off to Oasis who continue to disrupt by mocking the ad industry – it has served as a useful reminder of the importance of authenticity in brand marketing.