Mock Pitch to Michelin-Starred, The Clove Club.

4th August 2015

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a bit of a friendly competition going on here at Stir. Always looking for ways to improve our PR skills, the senior management team set up a ‘mock pitch’, splitting us into two teams to battle it out and deliver our own responses to their pretend PR brief.

From our initial chemistry meetings, where there was seriously good play acting on both sides, the teams worked their socks off to deliver knock out presentations. Things did get competitive, after all, the prize at stake was a pretty good one. For the winning team, a half day was in order with a lavish lunch at the Michelin stared The Clove Club


The winning team chose Friday to celebrate and headed off shortly after lunchtime, looking forward to a real treat and the antithesis to a lunch al desko.


Disappointed we were not – we were completely spoiled! From the crispy Buttermilk Chicken, as one of our pre-starter snacks, to the delicious main dishes of Line Caught Cod with Carrots, Chamomile and Champagne Lees and Berkshire Roe Deer, Grilled Onions, Beetroot, Blackcurrants and Bone Marrow, every course was something special. We were also massive fans of the Pepper ice cream which accompanied dessert.


The drinks didn’t let us down either, we chose a bottle of delicious Riesling to wash down our meal, and finished with a bottle of New Zealand bubbles. It was Friday, after all.

It was a great afternoon and really made those late nights in the office, well and truly worth it!