Mischief at the Movies.

18th October 2017

FELIX®, the UK’s number one pet food brand, is championing innovative technology as part of its UP TO MISCHIEF® campaign.


To bring to life a dynamic partnership with The Luna Cinema – which saw FELIX use 3D projection mapping to create a series of spoof surprises – Stir hosted five trade/marketing journalists at an open-air cinema screening at Rochester Castle, Kent.


Each enjoyed a one-of-a-kind advertising experience across the turrets of Rochester Castle; FELIX came to life and brought light-hearted mischief to iconic horror, action and adventure moments. To enhance the journalists’ ‘Mischief at the Movies’ experience, we created bespoke hampers filled with experimental popcorn flavours and branded popcorn boxes, warm blankets, rain ponchos and whoopee cushions, as well as a couple of FELIX product pouches.


Luckily, the weather stayed dry (no need for those ponchos in the end!) and we enjoyed a trip down memory lane with young Harry, Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. On-site food vendors and The Luna Cinema bar offered a range of delicious dishes and tipples to while away the evening, before the night drew to a close and our journalists headed back to a nearby hotel to catch some Zzzs.