Miele influencers wash the unwashable.

16th November 2016

The Stir team recently gained a new insight into the world of washing at the Miele ‘Science of Perfection’ course. It’s fair to say we were all pretty captivated by the new Miele laundry range.

We’re not the only ones who wanted to get our hands on the new W1 and T1 – a fantastic washer dryer pair – and Stir has the lovely task of offering the dynamic duo to 10 digital influencers for our current Miele campaign.

This Autumn, Stir is working with 10 of fashions most popular influencers, tasking them with styling their own capsule wardrobe. Each influencer will then show how they’ve used the Miele laundry range to wash their unwashable staple items of clothing. We only hope the they don’t have a special relationship with their dry cleaners as they certainly wont be needing their services any longer.

Over five consecutive days, each digital influencer will showcase how they can wash, dry and re-wear their capsule pieces as much as they like without losing their pristine condition. The technology and design of the Miele W1 and T1 has been created so that even a fresh rose can be put on a 30-degree wash and come out as good as new. We’re not joking – the rose almost looked and smelt better than when it went in.

Photo Credit: Amy Jakar

 Via blog posts, Instagram and Twitter, our fashion conscious digital influencers will exhibit how the Miele W1 and T1 change the way they do laundry forever whilst showcasing their ultimate capsule wardrobe along the way.

If you don’t think a new washer or dryer appliance sounds particularly exciting, just wait until you see what our bloggers, vloggers and grammers have to say about them as well as how they rock their capsule wardrobes! Give your staple pieces of clothing some TLC with Miele!