Discerning Drinkers – Marketing to Millennials.

22nd May 2017
Marketing alcohol to milleninials

We recently attended We Are Social’s event – Discerning Drinkers – an evening of talks and discussion around marketing to millennials. The evening saw speakers from We Are Social, Pernod Ricard and Charles Wells come together to share their insight on recent campaigns targeted at Generation Z – a generation drinking less than ever before!

What we learned was that while the new generation of drinkers are drinking less, they ARE still spending money on alcohol, looking towards more premium and unusual brands to gain kudos amongst their friends. While social media has meant this generation are more anxious about the way they look and more health conscious, it’s also meant that the days of posting drunken snaps of your friends after a night out are long gone.

These kids are all about the image and their own personal brand, with 49% saying that they would pay for a product that is consistent with the image they want to present, and 77% of them saying they would rather see real people than celebrities in adverts. Does this spell the end of celebrity endorsement?

All the speakers chatted about the use of social, VR, apps and even interactive games and how these can be used to engage the next generation in a clever and engaging way. Using authenticity to create a brand story was something else the panel very much agreed worked well.

Thanks We Are Social – an interesting event that gave us a different outlook on one of the main industries that we work in!