Kidnappings plus Cocktails equals Stir’s afternoon of fun.

13th August 2015

Yesterday, the fabulous team that is Stir PR, were treated to an afternoon smorgasbord of fun and frolics thanks to a surprise outing organised by our delightful, newly appointed social secretaries; Hannah Sweeney and Ailish Besley.


The day started at the formidably named “Escape Hunt Experience” in Bank and what an experience it was! With a Sherlock Holmes theme reigning, the venue offers live “escape games” whereby participants have to escape from a locked room using only cryptic clues to free themselves from false imprisonment. Split into three teams, we were struck with a staged kidnapping; having only an hour to unlock the (ridiculously difficult) clues and mysteries in order to prevent the imminent death of our hostage. Only one team succeeded in the allocated time…poor girl!


Following the afternoon’s jovialities, we moved onto the fabulously trendy little outfit of a business “The Bloody Oyster”, located next to the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank. Serving gorgeous food and cocktails, the bar, come a la carte restaurant, was located on…believe or not…a double decker bus, having just enough room to squeeze in a team of very hungry and thirsty Stirrers! Served by the owners Ed Ford and Ben Hamilton we tucked into divine cocktails such as “The Bloody Dragon” (a spicy rendition of a Bloody Mary) “Nice and Sloe” and “White Lady”, not forgetting a few bottles of Prosecco thrown in for good measure! To accompany the drinks we devoured fresh, succulent white bait with a tangy tomato sauce; oysters that still embraced the curves of the ocean waves and chips fried in a buttery, garlic sauce. Heavenly.

All in all a well deserved, fun and adventurous evening for the hardworking team that is Stir PR!