Friday Feels: November

At Stir, we believe the most insightful and creative campaigns are designed to stimulate both the conscious and subconscious mind. In a world where we are bombarded with over 5,000 messages a day and absorb just 12 of these, the most successful brand campaigns need to make an emotional impact. For ‘Friday Feels’, we pick our favourite 3 campaigns of the month that stir emotion and make us feel something, whilst showcasing a clear, unquestionable, brand message that will drive people to action.

Greenpeace. Emotion: Surprise


Aldi. Emotion: Amusement


Extinction Rebellion. Emotion: Anxiety. Image via Getty Images


November’s top three emotionally-stirring campaigns include: Greenpeace’s Ultimate Comedy Roast Battle, Aldi’s Tesco x Mel B parody, and Extinction Rebellion’s sinking house.

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(1) Emotion: Surprise

We’ve reached the time of year when the mults and big retailers reveal their Christmas ads, all vying for the top spot as consumer ‘favourite’. From plucking at our heartstrings, or tickling our funny bones, emotion is front and centre of each campaign.


We loved the lesser-documented, untraditional campaign from Greenpeace, who staged a Christmas lunch roast between turkey and potatoes to send a poignant message about sustainability and drive consideration of veggie roast dinners.


Rather than guilt-tripping people, which arguably won’t get them to change their habits, Greenpeace utilised the rise of comedy roast battles and created a villain in turkey to land its message in a humorous but thought-provoking way. Our favourite gag? “People only eat turkey for one day of the year, probably because they need the other 364 for their mouths to rehydrate.”Since its launch only a few days ago, the campaign has been featured in all key marketing titles and some of the nationals.


(2) Emotion: Amusement

After Tesco came under fire for using an image of Mel B in its Clubcard Plus campaign, the quick-thinking, creative minds at Aldi used the launch of John Lewis’ #ExcitableEdgar Christmas advert to its advantage.


In a parody of the Twitter dispute between Tesco and Mel B, Aldi requested that the CEO of John Lewis and Waitrose contact Kevin the Carrot urgently – suggesting that the snowman’s carrot used in their ad was indeed the discounter’s mascot. John Lewis and Waitrose responded in the same vein as the real-life saga, showing the value of quick-witted, news hijacking.


This came after Kevin reprised his role as Aldi’s Christmas mascot in a punny performance about veggie violence, ‘Leafy Blinders’. According to Kantar, Aldi’s ‘Amazing Christmas Show’ is the most impactful Christmas 2019 ad so far, with viewers ranking it as the most ‘different’ and ‘emotional’, as well as ‘enjoyable’ and ‘attention-grabbing’.


(3) Emotion: Anxiety

It’s one of the oldest PR stunts in the book: floating something down the River Thames. Usually slated for being a cliché, devoid of any creative thinking, but sometimes it makes sense – and works.


This month, Extinction Rebellion floated a ‘sinking house’ down the Thames to draw attention to rising sea levels and climate change. This was an attention-grabbing bid to encourage the government to take action, with the purpose inherently linked to water and the River itself.


Some say there’s no such thing as an original idea anymore, but Extinction Rebellion had the authority to execute and so gave this PR trope a nice twist. The campaign has seen widespread print and digital coverage and certainly made us think twice – and hopefully so will the government.