Friday Feels: June

At Stir, we believe the most insightful and creative campaigns are designed to stimulate both the conscious and subconscious mind. In a world where we are bombarded with over 5,000 messages a day and absorb just 12 of these, the most successful brand campaigns need to make an emotional impact. For ‘Friday Feels’, we pick our favourite 3 campaigns of the month that stir emotion and make us feel something, whilst showcasing a clear, unquestionable, brand message that will drive people to action.

(1) Teas against racism. Emotion: pride. Image via @YorkshireTea Twitter

(2) Black Lives Matter street mural. Emotion: empowered. Image via Apple Maps

(3) Marcus Rashford’s plea for free school meals. Emotion: compassion. Image via WikiCommons

For our top three campaigns that stirred emotion in June, we wanted to highlight two creative responses to the BLM movement as well as an inspirational campaign for social change from an unlikely source.  Read on to discover, a tweet for #Solidaritea, a bold street statement, and a footballer’s plea for free school meals.

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(1) Emotion: pride

This month, two of our nation’s beloved tea brands turned to social media to publicly back the anti-racism movement after one activist tweeted that she was “dead chuffed that Yorkshire Tea hasn’t supported BLM.” Yorkshire Tea responded “please don’t buy our tea again” before PG Tips followed in #Solidaritea, adding “if you are boycotting teas that stand against racism, you’re going to have to find two new tea brands.” It’s not the first time we’ve seen competitor brands collaborate on twitter in support of social justice movements (note Nike and Adidas’s #Untilweallwin), but we love this for its emotive simplicity and unity.  A great example of brands coming together to actively call out racism and refusing to stay silent.


(2) Emotion: empowered

Over in the US, the mayor of Washington D.C. sent a bold message to Donald Trump by secretly commissioning a sprawling mural spelling out the words “Black Lives Matter” on a busy street leading to the White House. This bright yellow work of art made front pages across the world, was photographed from space, and later replicated in cities across America. Some critiqued the mayor’s stunt as being purely performative but even so, the clear statement serves as a visual declaration that Black Lives Matter and its geographical placement makes it all the more powerful. In a country where its people are demanding to be heard and to be seen, this sent a message loud and clear.


(3) Emotion: compassion

Saving the best until last, this month Marcus Rashford reminded us of the simple power of words with his passionate free school meal campaign. The 22 year old footballer went viral after he posted an open letter to MPs asking them to reverse their decision to cancel free school meal vouchers over the summer. No fancy stunts, gimmicks or tech here, just a smart, authentic and well executed campaign that gathered nationwide support. Drawing on real life insight (his own), he used compassionate messaging before laying out a clear and achievable CTA (policy change). Under mounting public pressure, Boris was forced to extend the school voucher scheme and Rashford went from goal scorer to game changer.