Friday Feels: February

At Stir, we believe the most insightful and creative campaigns are designed to stimulate both the conscious and subconscious mind. In a world where we are bombarded with over 5,000 messages a day and absorb just 12 of these, the most successful brand campaigns need to make an emotional impact. For ‘Friday Feels’, we pick our favourite 3 campaigns of the month that stir emotion and make us feel something, whilst showcasing a clear, unquestionable, brand message that will drive people to action.

Girls, Girls, Girls Magazine. Emotion: empowerment

Cadbury UK. Emotion: empathy  

Ruby Love. Emotion: playful

February’s top three emotionally-stirring campaigns include: The powerful editorial content Be A Lady, They Said, Cadbury UK’s Age UK x Manchester United campaign and Ruby Love’s Period Pal

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(1) Emotion: empowerment

Cynthia Nixon appeared this week in a powerful video about societal pressures affecting women. The original words by 22-year-old poet Camille Rainville were transformed into an editorial piece commissioned by Girls, Girls, Girls Magazine. The two-and-a-half-minute video has since gone viral, hammering home the systematic, societal misogyny that continues to affect women and girls worldwide. Nixon reels off a stream of unattainable expectations about what it means to be ‘a lady’ as relevant imagery documents the conflicting content. A calm and rational delivery highlights how worryingly commonplace this sort of language is in our daily lives. It’s refreshing to see a stand-alone piece with no attributes to a brand capturing attention and making a global statement through raw, authentic content. It’s timely release in the wake of Weinstein’s rape conviction makes the issue all the more prominent. There’s not a doubt in our minds that this one struck a chord with viewers of every gender, all over the world.


(2) Emotion: empathy

As part of their ongoing ‘Donate Your Words’ campaign with Age UK, Cadbury’s teamed up with Manchester United this month to highlight the subject of loneliness among Britain’s older generations. This comes following recent research by Cadbury and Age UK which revealed that almost 2.6 million people aged 65 and over speak to fewer than 3 people in a typical week, whilst more than 225,000 often go a week without speaking to anyone at all. With this statistic in mind, Cadbury’s called upon the sense of community and support in football to tackle the unspoken issue. The team swapped their traditional youth mascots for eleven ‘guests of honour’, all dedicated Man U fans over 65 who have experienced loneliness in recent years. It was touching to see players engaging with the elderly fans in front of a 73,000 strong crowd at Old Trafford. A truly heart-warming campaign calling fans and supporters to action in a bid to inspire conversations with our senior citizens.


(3) Emotion: playful

Feelings of anxiety and shame about periods have long been the norm in our society. Adverts fail to represent the gritty, realistic parts of what is a totally normal human process. Still, no one seems to have the guts to say: it can be rough, there will be blood, and leaking in a public situation can be awkward and embarrassing! Enter Ruby Love, a femtech period apparel company taking a light-hearted approach to the ‘time of the month’ taboo. The ad introduces a ‘Period Pal’, the personification of a period dressed all in red, who recalls what it’s like to suffer those embarrassing leaks. The campaign promotes Ruby Love’s range of personal care products, explaining how they can prevent these situations, allowing girls to “feel comfortable and be free to do whatever they want every single day of the month!”.

Drawing on those all-too familiar experiences that resonate with female-kind, Ruby Love is taking great leaps towards normalising conversations about periods.