Friday Feels: August.

Three of the best emotionally-stirring campaigns we've seen this month

(1) Emotion: Shock

“The Store of Modern Childhood” opened its doors this month; an unsettling two-day pop-up ‘shop’ from The Children’s Society, which aimed to highlight “the harsh reality of being a youth in Britain today.” On shelves visitors found stab-proof vests,  soiled uniforms, exercise books filled with self-hate comments and ‘cyberbully’ phone cases. The installation was commissioned to highlight the findings of the charity’s annual Good Childhood Report, which this year found that children are unhappier than they’ve ever been in a decade.

(3) Emotion: Trust

Firmly positioning themselves as the experts in sleep – and reminding us that they care about us and our needs as a consumer – eve published an open letter to parliament calling for support to recognise sleep as a human right. This marks the start of an ongoing mission, which will see the company pull together a thinktank of industry experts and publication of a whitepaper detailing the impact a change in law could have on societal health and wellbeing. A bold and smart move, that gives eve a real ownable territory and cements its core values as a modern, disruptive brand.

At Stir, we believe the most insightful and creative campaigns are designed to stimulate both the conscious and subconscious mind. In a world where we are bombarded with over 5,000 messages a day and absorb just 12 of these, the most successful brand campaigns need to make an emotional impact.

For ‘Friday Feels’ we pick our favourite 3 campaigns of the month that stir emotion and make us feel something, whilst showcasing a clear, defiant brand message that will drive people to action.

August’s top three includes, German Rail’s doppelgänger destinations, eve’s fight for the right to sleep and The Children’s Society’s unsettling ‘back to school’ pop-up.

Find out more about our approach with Stir Emotion here.

(2) Emotion: Surprise

German Rail launched a visually-spectacular campaign this month, in an effort to encourage German residents to ditch expensive holidays abroad an enjoy a much more affordable staycation (using its railway of course). Partnering with Getty the brand created  lookalike algorithms to pair German locations with iconic International landmarks, in real time, video ads were then served up to travel enthusiasts showing real-time prices. A little bit techy but ultimately a simple, breathtakingly beautiful and clear message for the consumer. According to Campaign, it saw a 24% revenue increase for the brand.