Friday Feels: April.

At Stir, we believe the most insightful and creative campaigns are designed to stimulate both the conscious and subconscious mind. In a world where we are bombarded with over 5,000 messages a day and absorb just 12 of these, the most successful brand campaigns need to make an emotional impact. For ‘Friday Feels’, we pick our favourite 3 campaigns of the month that stir emotion and make us feel something, whilst showcasing a clear, unquestionable, brand message that will drive people to action.

Samsung x Dezeen. Emotion: nostalgia

Ministry of Culture & Information Policy of Ukraine. Emotion: playful 

Captain Tom Moore. Emotion: pride. Image via PA Media

For our top three campaigns that stirred emotion in April, we’ve highlighted two businesses that have shown great ingenuity and creativity, as well an initiative from a member of the public who has been truly inspiring in the face of adversity. There have been so many great examples to choose from, but our favourites this month come from Samsung x Dezeen, the Ministry of Culture & Information Policy of Ukraine, and of course, Captain Tom and his amazing efforts for our NHS.

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(1) Emotion: nostalgia

Interestingly and rather fortuitously, Samsung and design magazine – Dezeen – launched a timely competition titled, Out of the Box, challenging consumers to design different items for the home that can be created out of their cardboard boxes. Having been in the works pre the Covid-19 outbreak, the campaign is more relevant now than perhaps they could have ever imagined. The global contest focuses on Samsung’s Eco-Packaging which, alongside being used to package its TVs, has been designed to be repurposed. Each box is marked with a dot matrix and QR code that demonstrates to customers how the box can be upcycled into home items such as a TV console, a small coffee table, a cat house, or a magazine rack. What we love about this campaign, aside from it timeliness, is the sense of nostalgia, which rekindles our imagination from childhood. We can all remember a simpler time when the most humble of objects could be turned into something amazing – a box became a racing car, a few sheets over a table and chairs became a fort, and an old Fairy Liquid bottle could be a spaceship. Capturing this nostalgia and using our creativity for a more environmentally sustainable purpose in adulthood, in the form of upcycling, is something we can all get behind during lockdown.


(2) Emotion: playful

Art is no stranger to evoking emotions and is likely to be one of the earliest forms of physical creativity ever on display. In a playful twist, the Ministry of Culture & Information Policy of Ukraine gave classic art pieces a new look in order to teach members of the public how to stop the spread of COVID-19 and stay safe. Having noticed many people continuing to ignore the basic rules of quarantine and personal security, they uncovered the insight that the ability to preserve the quarantine is a kind of art form. Thus the Art of Quarantine campaign was born. Although not a new form of creative (many memes often use classic art as a backdrop to a joke), the quality execution, and use of eye-catching artwork to better communicate important safety messages, is an inspired take on the often dull and banal nature of government messaging.


(3) Emotion: pride

A picture of a man who needs no introduction: perhaps the most famous person in Britain right now, and for good reason. Captain Tom Moore, the 99-year-old World War Two veteran, captured the nation’s hearts with his inspiring goal of walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. At the time of writing, Tom has helped raise over £28 million pounds for NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients. This campaign needs no explanation and is just one example of a number of incredible initiatives created to enable members of the public to show their active support via a donation, a physical challenge or a meaningful gesture etc. during this time of crisis. From Kindred’s Rainbow T-Shirt to Quentin Blake’s free e-cards for loved ones and, of course, the sweat-inducing Run for Heroes 5km challenge, there has been something for everyone to be inspired by and to take action with during lockdown. These amazing campaigns and initiatives share a great unifying insight at their core; that when you combine the public’s desire to “do their bit” with a fun creative execution, it stirs an emotion in every one of us, and drives a positive action for society.