Dining in is the new dining out.

3rd October 2018

The dinner occasion has evolved much more than breakfast and lunch. With the rise of the likes of Deliveroo, Uber Eats and other app-based options, staying in is the new dining out.

Stir’s recent Mealtime report revealed that 50% of dinners bought from restaurants were delivered to homes, with consumers’ desire to eat restaurant quality and range of food at home spiralling. In fact, 75% of our respondents had eaten out or ordered a takeaway in the previous week (a rise from 68% verses years ago), spending on average £22 a week.

With a fifth of families now having at least two takeaways a week, what would have in the past been a treat at weekends is now a normal midweek dinner solution in many households. Brands must recognise they are competing with out-of-home restaurant chains and home delivery aggregators as much as they are with their peers in the grocery aisle. There is a real opportunity for brands to leverage eating out needs – convenience and experience – and bring them to the consumer in the home.

In our own research, home was overwhelmingly the place to be for dinner. Meanwhile, 80% of our respondents say they never skip dinner and believe it’s the most important meal of their day. Dinner is regarded as more of an emotional moment than the functional midweek breakfast and lunch occasion, so brands should tap into the emotional benefits they can provide to consumers during this time.