The Botanist – digital influencer campaign.

17th August 2017

As we all know, gin is in at the moment and there isn’t a better time to enjoy a gin and tonic than during summer.

We think, a B&T (that’s a Botanist and Tonic) is the perfect drink to cool down with. The gin has 22 foraged island botanicals, hand-picked locally and sustainably in its home of Islay. Whether it’s a sprig of rosemary or a sprinkle of juniper berries, The Botanist invites you to experiment and choose your signature garnish.

This summer, The Botanist recruited 10 influencers in its first ever influencer campaign, with the likes of Jo Rodgers, London Kitchen Diaries and Supergolden Bakes taking part. Each influencer was sent a hamper full of lovely summer essentials, including; foraging kits, Fever Tree tonic, picnic essentials and of course, a bottle of The Botanist.

It was great to see the content the influencers created which included some very creative imagery on both Instagram and Instagram stories. Some influencers, such as London Kitchen Diaries and Supergolden Bakes, even went a step further and created their own summer cocktails.

With our influencers having highly engaged followers, we’re sure through this campaign, The Botanist had definitely won some new fans!