Our mission is to create campaigns that STIR EMOTION.


Our brains don’t pay attention to the loudest messages. They pay attention to the right ones. We are alerted to the fact they are the right ones by how it makes us feel.


So what makes some earned coverage more impactful than others? What makes a story really resonate? Timing, relevance and placement is fundamental of course, but in a world where we are exposed to over 5,000 brand messages a day (and only engage in 12), what is it in a message that gains meaningful attention and compels us to act on upon it?


We have explored the human mind and applied it to our approach to PR. Through our STIR EMOTION approach we can ensure messages don’t just grab attention, but really earn it. We focus our work on making people feel something. We believe this is the route to action and commercial impact.


We Stir Emotion to: Make passive audiences interact, change opinions, create passionate brand fans and move people to change their behaviour. We awaken our audience to create brand advocates.  And we do that through impactful, innovative and memorable campaigns that earn their way into conversation.


Do your PR campaigns make your target audience feel something? Do they trigger action? To discuss how emotion could be at the heart of your campaigns please get in touch.