Nespresso’s Creatista – The latest coffee craze on social media.

21st March 2017

You may have seen that a couple of weeks ago we helped Nespresso launch the Creatista Studio in London and Leeds. The pop-up and brilliant new Creatista coffee machine has received a flurry of coverage, including a stint in GQ, S Magazine and Hello!. But not content with just press, we also rallied our digital influencer contacts to truly showcase the wonders of the Creatista across their blogs and social channels.

As you sip your morning coffee, you may consider uploading a picture of your brew to Instagram. Well, you’re not alone. The nation can’t seem to get enough of aesthetically pleasing coffee, with trends like #UnicornLattes making headlines at the start of 2017 after gaining popularity on social media. There are now approximately 64,103,017 posts on Instagram that include the hashtag #coffee and 3,395,086 images using #latteart, so it’s clear forthy fun is prevalent amongst the socially savvy.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.16.33

Jumping on the artistic bandwagon, we recruited a combination of food, lifestyle and interior bloggers to show how the Creatista creates the perfect froth needed to craft latte art. The likes of Fuss Free Flavours, Recipes From A Pantry and Love Chic Living were challenged to upload images of their artistic coffees made at home with the new Nespresso Creatista, using the hashtags #Creatista and #CreatistaStudio.

Their posts showed how Nespresso has made it possible to “be your own barista” and become part of the current latte art trend that’s sweeping the UK – that is, if you have a Creatista! Our Nespresso latte art craze reached more than 100,000 coffee fanatics and there are now more than 659 posts using #Creatista on Instagram. Recipes From A Pantry received nearly 1,000 likes on her image, Sequin This got over 130 likes and comments, whilst Crummbs achieved 200 likes posting about her latte art. So, although we’re not in the millions just yet, we’re keen to see how the Creatista craze continues to flourish…